Writing Box

item : Writing Box Designer : Katsumi ASABA Traditional craft : Kawatsura lacquerware / Kasukabe paulownia-wood chest

A meticulously crafted black lacquer box which opens to reveal a set of everyday writing materials.The more lacquer is handled, the better it feels; its deepest appeal is activated by continued use. Containing articles we use daily, this lovely box will only grow more beautiful over years of use. The box itself is carefully made using the joinery techniques of Kasukabe paulownia-wood chest, the simple paulownia wood from which it is crafted making it light but remarkably strong, with a pleasing materiality. The exterior of black lacquer contrasts beautifully with the texture of the natural paulownia interior.

Set of Small Plates with Numeric Designs

On the Head (Lemon/Blue)

○△□ paulownia coffret

Barred Sharaku

Hand-painted Candles Dragon / Morning Glor

Frog Top (Green/Black)

Asura Kokeshi

Little Dragon

Little Dragon / Colony

Mondrian Box

Folding screen of giant wild goosse pagoda

Folding screen of Dongba

Folding screen of tale of the sun and moon

Ostrich Egg Matryoshkas

Brancusi Kokeshi

Hanako (Red / Black)

Striped Kokeshi

Bobble Kokeshi (Red / Black)

Eight Suns (White)

Sun Disc (White)

Rising Sun (White)

Eight Suns (Black)

Sun Disc (Black)

Rising Sun (Black)




Writing Box

Tale of the Sun

Tale of the Moon

Casino Boxes

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